PAACT Membership Benefits

PAACT membership brings a number of benefits for dog trainers and behaviourists.

  • Use of PAACT Logo on letterheads cards and websites
  • Use of post-nominal's after name with membership number
  • Negotiated discounts on some UK shops and online pet shop suppliers
  • Ability to post events to the PAACT Event Listings web page
  • Negotiated discounts on UK canine behavioural seminars
  • Subscription to PAACT Newsletter
  • Listing in the PAACT Trainer Directory
  • Networking and educational opportunities with other pet dog trainers, behaviourists, and veterinarians, through PAACT's innovative transfer of knowledge scheme
  • Opportunity for members to direct PAACT's growth, through committee work.
  • Ability to advertise services and web site in the PAACT list of members and websites.


In the very near future we will have a database of articles covering all aspects of behaviour, members will be encouraged to add to this database and to share their knowledge and experiences with all members. There is a forum strictly for members both full and student where difficult cases can be discussed and advice and suggestions and encouragement can be given.

PAACT is all about sharing knowledge, your membership gives you access to a representative body committed to working towards furthering your development in training and behaviour.