Membership Information

PAACT Membership Information

Membership is open to all practicing trainers and Behaviourists who meet the standard laid down in the PAACT Code of Conduct and the Mission Statement.

As a Potential Members you will be asked to supply the names of three referees two of which should be clients or ex clients plus one professional reference preferably a veterinarian. and provide an outline of experience, any qualifications and a brief statement of your intention to develop your practice over the coming year.

It is not necessary to hold any formal qualification upon entry, PAACT recognises your experience and expects that you will be committed to personal development and improvement, with the intention of achieving accreditation with an education provider of your choice.

It is a requirement of PAACT membership, that proof of ongoing training and development is required to continue membership within the organisation. The majority of the members are also involved in the KC accreditation scheme, some of the members have already been accredited under this wide ranging scheme

You should be aware that PAACT is pro-active in the development of both its members and the association. You will be expected to become active in your involvement with PAACT.

This is an association like no other.

Please read: The Benefits of Membership

There are 3 Levels of Membership:

Full: Open to anyone who provides professional training services. This level of membership includes participation in our membership e-mail list, and details of your practice on the Website Membership is £40

Associate: Open to anyone who has an interest in the field of dog training, e.g., suppliers of goods and services, and related professions. Enjoys same benefits as Full members including onsite advertising, except use of PAACT logo. Associate membership is £30

Student : Open to individuals that are considering or studying for a career in dog training and behaviour. This level of membership includes participation in our member e-mail list, and will enjoy the same benefits as a full member including participation into the Transfer Of Knowledge Scheme and the ability to access a repository of articles and information, except use of PAACT logo and practice details until established as a full member. Student membership is £30

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