Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers.

The Vision
To offer experienced dog trainers and behaviourist’s, access and membership to a representative body based upon experience and ability and a commitment to future development.

The way to achieve it

Achieving accreditation and continued self development is the expected and encouraged route for all members. PAACT recognises that behavioural and obedience training is a skill and an art and that experience and practice in the field of applied training provides good value and a firm base for future personal development.

PAACT encourages academic endeavour in conjunction with practical experience, it is in fact a mainstay of membership that all members continue to develop themselves fully as individuals in the field of training and behaviour, and continue, through formal and self study to obtain accreditation in their chosen field.

At PAACT we encourage members to take a common sense approach to dealing with clients; we require that they practice their trade in a non-aggressive or stressful manner. It is expected that they will develop reflective practices in order to gauge their development and provide a better understanding of their work.

Membership is open to behaviourists and trainers who can demonstrate that they are committed to training dogs and owners in the manner laid down in the PAACT code of conduct and that the core values they exhibit are those expected by this conduct. Potential members should demonstrate they are committed to personnel development by providing a statement of intent showing the courses or study they are intending to or are in the process of pursuing.

PAACT firmly believes that applied training and behaviourism is an evolving science and while we intend to remain at the cutting edge of this field we discourage the fads, and fly by night theories that many trainers grasp upon to provide tenuous proof of their abilities. Instead we encourage a more comparative study of new and established theories to enable an even and balanced judgement to be made.

If you feel that you meet our standards then please apply for membership, you will be treated with dignity and professionalism no matter what the outcome. If you have tried but failed to join some other professional associations you will understand the need for this perspective.