PAACT was envisaged in 2005 by a group of practicing behaviourists and trainers who believe there is a void between academic learning and practical ability. Launched on the 20th of March 2006 it already has almost sixty active members, making it one of the largest professional canine groups in the UK. PAACT is also in discussions with numerous organisations and bodies regarding affiliation and accreditation

The late John Fisher said, “ Dog behaviour is more art form than science” this startling fact seems to have been lost on many of today's trainers and behaviourists in the race to embrace scientific theory in preference to the full spectrum of learned practical abilities and theory.

Dog behaviour is an empirical skill that has its roots in modern academic and scientific research and practical experience. The Canine Academic fraternity will often refuse membership to some of the country's most highly skilled and experienced trainers and behaviourists because they do not hold their arbitrary qualifications, hence they lack the diversity that can promote learning and development.

PAACT encourages and requires its members to demonstrate personal development and to work towards achieving accreditation, but with the freedom to choose their own education provider, in line with the governments adult education agenda. Though PAACT does not insist on any specific provider for education and accreditation it recognises that the Kennel Clubs Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour, may be the benchmark for future formal accreditation.

Many trainers and behaviourists have considerable practical skills. Some academic courses do not help to develop these essential hand-on-skills. PAACT believes a balance must be met between the academic and the practical and is working to address this balance.

PAACT encourages individual members to meet and trade their skills and experiences in order to develop new techniques and innovations, providing increasing value and quality for their clients. This transfer of knowledge and skills has proven highly effective and will underpin PAACT's future development.

PAACT is open to dog trainers and behaviourists who agree to follow the code of conduct and who are prepared to demonstrate a commitment towards continuing positive and professional development.